World Cup Warm-up: Mexico v Wales

Who? Mexico - Wales
When? May 29, 03:00 (CET local time)
Where? Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA

Mexican fans must be frustrated with Carlos Vela. Vela was one of the biggest stars of the historic U-17 team of Mexico, who won the first U-17 World Cup for Mexico in 2005. After becoming the top goal scorer of the tournament, Arsenal came with an open wallet and purchased the young Chivas striker.

Considered as one of the most talented players, Vela has one big disadvantage: he doesn’t like to work hard and really like to enjoy life. Not that enjoying life is a terrible thing, but Vela doesn’t have the balance, and it literally damaged his career.

In 2010, Vela got suspended from the National team for 6 months after partying all night long with several team mates. Vela was upset that he (alongside Efrain Juarez) was the only one that has been suspended, and 6 months of suspension became to a 4 years of absence from the national team, missing the World cup in Brazil in 2014.

Vela had eventually a good club career, mainly with Real Sociedad, but there is always a “What if?” question above his head. Lately, Vela opened a new chapter in his life. He is a young father and moved in January to the newest addition of the MLS, LAFC, as the biggest star of the club and one of the biggest names of the League.

In his new place, Vela quickly became the player he once was supposed to be, showing a great attitude and impressive performance on the pitch. Now Vela has a new challenge: to leave off his previous World Cup miss and help Mexico make a successful tournament. The first step will take place tonight in the warm-up match against Wales in his new hometown, Los Angeles.

Who knows, maybe at last Vela will fulfil his potential and party again. This time with Mexico on the pitch.

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