At BabaGol, we believe football is more than just a sport. For us, football is a language and a culture.

We see football as society's face and character. We see the game as a path for education, and as a reflection of history. Geography and economics, demography and business, are all part of our point of view. We believe football is life, and on the same way, life is football.

BabaGol is an international football content brand that focuses on the Asian, Middle Eastern, African and Latin American games.

We offer a unique football stage for countries, places, groups and people, that wouldn't otherwise receive the attention they deserve and access to diverse markets. We expose and shed light on more in-depth and broader phenomena than just the sports itself while erupting a discussion and setting new trends in the football world.

“Yo no soy más que un mendigo de buen fútbol. Voy por el mundo, sombrero en mano, y en los estadios suplico una linda jugadita por amor de Dios. Y cuando el buen fútbol ocurre, agradezco el milagro sin que me importe un rábano cuál es el club o el país que me lo ofrece”.
— Eduardo Galeano

BabaGol is the brain child of Uri Levy.