Baba wants you!

Do you love your football rare, edgy and real?
Do you find yourself watching passionately the Cambodian Premier League?
Or following eagerly the recent developments in Zimbabwean football?
Are you searching obsessively for information on the biggest clubs in Yemen, or by mistake,
you happen to be an expert in the Paraguayan lower leagues?

If so, then your place is definitely with us.

Within its two and half years of existence, BabaGol turned into a prestigious and respectable stage for original football content, with a large and varied audience from all over the world, literally.

We currently look for writers, editors, photographers, video editors, graphic designers and more.

Unfortunately, we can’t pay anyone yet, as we are still growing and developing, but joining the project now, and helping building the football empire that we plan to, will benefit you. Not in money up to date, but in experience, relations, connections and being part of something big, and important.

If you think you have the BabaGol power in you, and you want to grow your audience, to open up to a new market or simply do what you love in football, with passion, then send us your details and CV to here, and we’ll get back to you with our available roles and options.  We answer everybody.

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