Vai Brasil!

The all-time title leader. With five World Cups, this is what Brazil is seeking to defend in Russia, while Germany is behind them with four titles. After the shame in 2014 World Cup, many expect that Brazil will be better and they can even win the title.

Brazil is perhaps the country that had the greatest number of football legends. Besides the greatest of all, Pelé, several others like Ronaldo, Romário, Garrincha and Ronaldinho Gaúcho enchanted several generations, always with  beautiful soccer based one dribbles. That kind of football made many fall in love in this game.

In 2018 World Cup, Brazil will seek to regain this status. Without winning the tournament for 16 years, this may be the best squad since the last winning squad in 2002. Managed by the giant Tite, one of the best managers the country has ever had and currently one of the best in the world, A Seleção comes strong for the World Cup.

The team is full of great players: from Alisson and Éderson the goalkeepers, through Marcelo and Thiago Silva in the defensive line, with Casemiro, Paulinho and Phillipe Coutinho in the midifield and a front line with Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino. This year's squad is undoubtedly much better than 2014 squad: the national team has great options in all positions and showed much better football since the arrival of Tite.

The Brazilian people are very excited about the possible journey for hexacampeonato, the sixth title. The future of Brazil is very uncertain and football can be a way out from everyday problems. Winning the title can bring so many joy for a lot of people, even if it is for a single moment.

As a young man who previously did not care much about the Brazilian team and cared only about Palmeiras, I can say that today I'm in love with Brazil national team. We are giants and although we have been humiliated four years ago and many have made fun of us, our history will never be erased. We produce some of the best players in the past and I can assure you: Brazil future will be the same. If we will win the title or not, I can say that our greatness will continue for a long time.

Vai Brasil! Make everyone remember who you really are. The biggest and best of all.

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