World Cup Preview: England v Belgium

Who? England - Belgium
Where? Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
When? June 28, 20:00 (CET local time)


England is in a complete euphoria. The 6:1 win against Panama made everyone believe that maybe in this World Cup they will have a better chance for winning the title. Now, after they clinched their spot for the next stage, they will try to do more interesting things in the World Cup.

For example, England can complete this stage with three wins, a record they had only in 1982 World Cup. They can even have one of their best scoring World Cup campaigns, as they only scored more in 1966.

Another notable record that maybe would be broken in this World Cup will be Gary Lineker's record for most goals in a single World Cup. While Lineker scored 6 goals in 1986, Harry Kane already netted 5. According to the reports, Kane might leave Russia for a while due to his wife pregnancy. The English FA is aware to the situation and says that Kane is not schedule to leave the team until the end of the tournament.

With their hope and optimism, England is facing one of the most dominant team in 2018 World Cup. If they will make it through, there is a big chance that the football will really come home.


Until now, Belgium presents maybe the most entertaining football in the tournament. With eight goals and two wins, Belgium already clinched their spot in the round of 16. Their last match against England is expected to be interesting, but it's going to be complicated.

The results combination, made England and Belgium to be almost completely tied for the first place. The only tie breaker that works is the fair play points. Currently, Belgium is ranked second as they got more yellow cards. If the game tonight will end with a win, there is no problem and the first place will be clear. The problem will be in case of a draw.

In a case of a draw, the teams will still be tied and once again the fair play tie breaker will be used. As this match will be the last, teams will know in such case if it will be better to finish first or second in order to avoid a harder path to the later stages. Belgium, who currently have one yellow card more than England, will need to work hard to maintain this lead if they want to finish second.

By the way, if England and Belgium will be tied at the end of the night also by fair play points, a drawing of lots will decide the first place. It happened only once in the history of the World Cup, while Ireland and Netherlands were tied for the second place in 1990. Will Belgium be part of a weird moment?

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