10 Reasons why a Superclásico in the Libertadores' Final is 'Dangerous'

Boca Juniors and River Plate will play each other in the Copa Libertadores final this year. 

Drop the fact that it is the first time that we will see an actual derby in the Libertadores final.

Beyond the fascinating professional clash between two mastermind coaches (that might won’t be on the sidelines even); the two quality teams that will play on the pitch; the mental idea of having such two events spreaded around three weeks.

Many have asked us on social media why a Superclásico Final is a dangerous thing for Argentina?

So here it is: 10 reasons that make the Superlcásico Final a dangerous thing for Argentina.

1. This is the most fierce rivalry in Argentina, if not the world. Class, political views, education, tradition, local identity, all in one HUGE and quite violent city. It will take place twice, with a 3 week gap, which will preserve the tension for many days. 

2. It’s not only about Buenos Aires. Millions of fans are spreaded all over the country. This double header is basically splitting the country every time it takes place, so imagine it, in the final of the most important club competition in the continent. 

3. This match has an extreme high sense of violence, with true brutal, sick and animalistic characteristics. Combined with two of the biggest Barras Bravas in the country and the impact can be very wide, and also in many spot at the same time.  

4. It’s not about doubling or tripling the police forces. It’s controlling the huge masses. Everywhere, and on the same time. 

5. The financial & economical situation in the country is chaotic, to say the least. Keeping an intense environment in the same city, for 3 weeks (the gap between the games) in this climate will relish huge rage and some anarchistic actions. 

6. Even Mauricio Macri, the president, who was Boca’s president as well, has warned that the government is not prepared to handle such a high profile and dangerous DOUBLE meeting between two of the biggest rivals in every manner, in this country. 

7. What can we see? Violence, anarchy, destruction of public transport services, banks, etc. ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Yes. It is a scenario that everybody is taking as an option.

8. Why? Because Boca against River is the eternal argument in this country. “Che, Are you Boca or River?” It’s your identity within the fight of life. It’s total, it’s abusive and it will bring everything up on surface and mix it in a very impulsive way. 

9. Because it’s the Libertadores. This competition enclaves much more passion and feelings than any other club competition in the world. It is the most important title in the most avid & obsessed club culture in the world - South America. 

10. Because it’s the final of the Libertadores. It’s the pinnacle event of the amazing South American football culture. The culture that says you are your club, and you count as it’s achievements. Winning this competition means the world for so many people.