A Matter of Buzz between East & West

In the past day we saw more and more news flashes discuss a poster 'produced by ISIS' with imprisoned Lionel Messi on the cover, while a blood is pouring from his eyes. 

As expected, western media embraced the story immediately, indicating that "ISIS is threatening Messi & targets the Word Cup" , and the story went viral world wide. The source for this item was an un-reliable website who identifies as Site Intellegence Group & 'Jihadist News' and according to its agenda is seems to be as a recruitment platform for Jihadist movements which target western audience.

While in Arabic there were only few small stories about it (the first to publish was 365Scores Arabic account), in western media the party has just began. Together with the two terror attacks in Saint Petersburg & Paris (at a France versus Germany match), it created a twisted picture about real threat on the forthcoming World Cup - that by ISIS public expressions is viewed as a 'Western Festival' and as 'danger to humanity'. 

Whether this story is true or false, its irrelevant in today's news world, and especially sports news world, these kind of headlines bring the clicks and the leads. This is a clear example for the clash of civilizations between East & West, Islam & Western world, that reflects in a bizarre story in a half-reliable source.

With the slight chance to have the most 'Arab' World Cup ever in Russia - with Egypt, Saudi Arabia already qualified and potentially Morocco & Tunisia will qualify in November - it looks like we will hear this kind of 'fake news' again and again, as closer we will get to the opening ceremony in Moscow at June 14th, 2018. Having in mind the amount of fans that will arrive to support the Arab national teams in the tournament, be sure these stories will come back again and again until the summer.