Team BabaGol is a group of people who, first of all, love football.


Each-one of them has their own life, of course, but they all eat, drink and breath the game of football in its most exciting, deepest and fascinating sides. 

Meet them:

uri 3.jpg

Uri Levy, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

The founding father of BabaGol. Since watching Nigeria versus Spain in 1998, Uri is a football underdogs' die hard  fan. Being born and raised in Jerusalem, he is all about highlighting and exploring the unique and varied identities in global society, through football. A freelance football writer who appreciates Football and History for breakfast, and Middle Eastern, African and Latin American football for lunch.
Follow him here.



Yossi Medina, Senior Writer & Editor

Coming from Be'er Sheva, a warm football city in the middle of the desert, Yossi sees football as the path for the periphery and the unknown to become part of the discourse. After years of statistics' studies, Yossi translates his love for numbers and football in to a database of teams, clubs and goals, with a bit of nostalgic view, altogether. Our very own master data & statistics man. Follow him here.


Eden Roitfarb.jpg

Eden Roitfarb, Writer & Editor

Even though exposed mainly to Baseball and American Football while growing up in the USA, REAL Football became the center of Eden’s universe since day one. Besides studying Media & Journalism in Hebrew U, he is passionate about memorizing facts, results and dates related to the beautiful game.


Vitor Buratini Mendes, Writer

Vitor Buratini Mendes is a 17 years old Brazilian student, a die hard Palmeiras fan and a passionate follower of South American football. You can follow him on twitter.



Idan Segev, Writer

Since the World Cup in 1990, Idan became the biggest non-Colombian supporter of Colombia and Atletico Nacional. Breath, eat and sleep South American football in general and Colombian football in particular. Loves football, loves to write and when he combines both things, you may read some interesting stories.


meir lozowick.jpeg

Meir Lozowick, Writer

Not a religious person, unless you describe football as such. In that case, I'm extremely religious. Constantly looking for the right balance between modern and traditional football. Writing in the holy language (and in English too) about the most passionate football exist on earth, or in its more common name: Fútbol Mexicano.

Omri Tancman.png

Omri Tancman, Writer

Growing up in Jerusalem combined with reading Simon Kuper books since he was 16 made him a great fan of the connection between football, politics and culture.  An analyst that holds a Bachelors in Law and Humanities, while following his MA in gender studies. His favourite team is Juventus, preferably pre-Cristiano era :)



Gilad Seroussi, Writer

Although of a South American descent, Gilad loves English Non-League football and is developing a growing interest in North American soccer. Above all, he's a fan of Racing Club and a passionate follower of Argentinian and Uruguayan football, national teams down to lower divisions.

Tom Geffen, Coordinator

Following BabaGol since day one, Tom, an honor Graduated of the Hebrew U's business school, contributes Baba with texts, ideas and goals from South America. He loves Arsenal in England, Xelajú in Guatemala, and in general, thinks football is life.


Aram Hava, Business

Driven by the passion of the international language of football, Aram is an entrepreneur and CFO from San Francisco, who's heart is in Jerusalem, and his dreams are in Buenos Aires. Our very own finance and tech guru. Follow him here.