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The Copa America Centenario is a useless tournament. 
Admit it. What reason in the world can take South America’s primary football event, the world’s first national teams’ tournament, on its historical centennial year, to be played at a country without any real football tradition as the USA? 


Nomadic Pastoralism

Not every football player earns millions of dollars, wears shiny clothes and drives in fancy cars. Actually, most of them aren't. Adrián ‘Carucha’ Fernández, 33, is a representative example of a ‘football worker’. BabaGol had the pleasure to seat with Adrián for a cup of coffee and a long conversation about life in the football world. 

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The Best of 2016

2016. What year. It was packed with amazing stories, historical moments and emotional football events, which excited us. Therefore, we gathered the top BabaGol football moments for 2016.



A visit to Bohemian Football Club, is a 'Must' experience for any football lover.  


Cattenacio Palestino -
an Interview with Stefano Cusin

The first Italian coach in the history of Palestinian football, who made magic in the disputed city of Hebron, Palestine.