A Bohemian Experience

Friday, 30.10.2015, Halloween's eve. Dalymount Park, Dublin. 

Home of one of the most special clubs in Ireland, Bohemian FC.

It was the final day of the season in the Irish Premier League. It was also the final step in the club 125th anniversary season, as it was established in 1890.  

Bohemians faced the league runner-ups, Cork City. A victory for the red&black combined with a St. Patrick's loss in a parallel match, could have sent the club to compete in the Europa League qualifiers next season. But in the case of Bohemian Football Club, the result is only second to the atmosphere and message.

I've walked from Dublin's city center, and I got an impression of the stadium surroundings. Many graffiti signs are decorating the allies and the small streets of the neighborhood. 

Paint it red & Black.

Refugees Welcome.

This is a working class protest. The alley near the stadium.

The fans knows what type of stuff to criticize.

Spread the love.

The prices.

Leave quietly.

Love Football, Hate Racism. Bohemians FC.

After you get inside the stadium, you are warmly welcomed by rich historical memories and a strong sense of family. Narrow corridors, full with photos, awards and signs that expressing the club's identity, tradition and character. 

View of the park and the chapel.

A derby days happiness.

All pints at the stadium bar are for 3.80.

The Ground Regulations.

No. 14 seem to be one of the cornerstones of the club's activity.

Every club's captain from 1890 - 2008.

Titles, medals and important moments.

Be a member of Bohemians. 

Obviously, as it is an Irish football club, there is a bar in the stadium. I mean, three of them. Two of them are for the local fans, one is for the visitors. They are all great places.

BabaGol stepped outside to check the field and the atmosphere among the fans who came early. Baba caught a talk with a very special person. Jimmy Wylie, a fan of the club since 1953, who also served the club as incharge of the players and officials entrance to the stadium.

A known character in Dalymount Park. Wiley

After a short chat about the club' past season and about Dalymount's Park history, Jimmy pulled an envelope from his coat's inside pocket. "That's me. 40 years ago", he said while showing Baba this lovely pic of his, from back in the days as a club servant. It was a moving moment, by all accounts.

Jimmy Wilye's photo. Part of Bohemian's history.

After the chat with Jimmy, BabaGol went to get an impression of the club's fans, The Gypsies. and..well, just let the photos speak for themselves.

Working Class Heroes.

Before Halloween, the young Bohs get ready for the match. 

The Bohs.

Red smoke, Bob Marley and Ismahil Akinade. Bohs' fans in action.

Great atmosphere all along the match.

A Punk-Jesus Boh's fan, and, wait! Is it Sepp Blatter over there on the right? 

Proud of who they are. Bohs' fans

Bohemian FC have lost eventually 1-0 to Cork City, from a late penalty at the 2nd half. 
It didn't harm the atmosphere though. The positive vibes were still there, as the players awards were handed out. Jimmy Wiley gave away the Young Player of the Year Award, Jason Byrne celebrated his retirement with his fans who chanted 'Oh Jayo Jayo', and a relief of a bitter loss, combined with the satisfaction of a positive season, were mixed together in harmony. 

 A captain and a gentleman. Jason Byrne

Whoops! Isn't Patrick Kavanagh is passing a pint to Baba? 

Spotted at the bathroom´s mirror.

The Bohs fans are special. They count on themselves to keep going no matter what the boundaries are. They are not afraid of the future. They are proud of their club, of their identity in Dublin and Ireland. A football club who is truly a joint of certain kind of people, who share the belief of an open minded society, who progress and fight against the modern developments of the game. 

A visit to Bohemian Football Club, is a 'Must' experience for any football lover.  

Say no more. Behind the bar

*All the photos were taken by BabaGol©